The Wyrmcult is a group of humans, orcs, broken, and draenei that seem to worship the surviving members of the black dragonflight. Their coven is located in Raven's Wood in the western part of Blade's Edge Mountains.

In these uncertain times, the Wyrmcult fanatically clings to whichever remnant of the flight they can. A large part of their recent duties concern Neztharion, and with Wyrmpriest Kruzzgil at their helm, they have taken servitude to him and his demands. The Wyrmcult has been efficient in their duties, showing their fortitude during the campaign against the Bloodmaul, and their general ground assistance wherever necessary. It is not uncommon to see a cultist rushing to the side of a nether drake, strapping supplies around its back, or even manning a catapult.

Cultists can be seen permanently stationed at Storm Rock, sitting in the humanoid friendly portion of the camp. Being a hardened and somewhat insane group, they seem to pay little mind to the great transparent lizards around them. While usually docile people, Wyrmcultists are quick to anger if they feel threatened, or if they feel that the black flight they serve has been insulted. It has been remarked upon by a drake that when striking up a conversation with one orc cultist, the subject of talk quickly soured, as the cultist seemed to constantly bend it in the direction of his own fanaticism.