Storm Rock is a large, undefined region near the southern border of Blade's Edge. As it partly encompasses the edge of the continent, the astral storms atop it churn often and loudly, resulting in its name.

It is considered a strategically valuable area due to its geographical defenses; the impossibly high and sharp mountains of the continent to the west, and an unending abyss to the south, making the region easy to defend and desert for the Netherwing dragons that lurk there often.

Dreadwing Edit

The Netherwing broodmother Dreadwing inhabited the region with her children, as well as other members of her flock since nearly the beginning of the dragonflight itself. Some time during the Azerothian campaign to end the reign of Illidan Stormrage, self-proclaimed Lord of Outland, Dreadwing was killed alongside most of her flock by an unknown party, supposedly by the order of Leoroxx, chieftain of the Mok'Nathal.

Today, several of her children and former followers are said to still linger in Blade's Edge, though no continuation of the flock is said to still exist.

Mantheraku Edit

The Netherwing dragon Mantheraku inhabited the region in his youth, prior to fleeing to Azeroth. Though originally exiled from Dreadwing's flock, he remained in the general area for many years, avoiding contact with her members.

Near the end of the devastating Cataclysm of Azeroth, Mantheraku returned to Outland and began to assemble a group of dragons. Today, a small, partly enclosed area in the west of Storm Rock has become their home.