Prelude Edit

Following the Netherwing victory in the fifth consecutive battle in the Netherwing-Bloodmaul war, Mantheraku's flock suffered a hefty number of casualties for the first time in the bloody conflict spanning over two months.

After retreating back to Storm Rock, as per Neztharion's counsel, all plans for attack in the next weeks were put off until all wounds are healed, and hopefully, new dragons recruited with word about the war having spread across Blade's Edge.

Aredius' Capture Edit

Mere days after the return to Storm Rock, a drake from Aredius' flock went missing during a hunting trip in an area the youngling frequently visited. Against Mantheraku's wishes, Aredius went to investigate the matter personally after the drake had been gone for three days.

The female dragon was never heard from again, prompting the flock to believe the series of events must have been a trap orchestrated by the Bloodmaul.

Suspicions of Aredius' capture were confirmed when an arrow, imbued with a parchment, flew into the camp, indicating that the dragon was being held at Bloodmaul Hold, the biggest stronghold of the Bloodmaul clan. The ogres had also presented their terms for her release; a Netherwing surrender before leaving Blade's Edge with a demand that all dragons under Mantheraku's command leave the region forever.
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A scene of the battle.