One of the hundreds of groupings of Netherwing dragons in Outland, Mantheraku's flock currently numbers in the eighties, making up the largest faction of its kind in Blade's Edge Mountains. However, the flock's numbers are known to fluctuate as a result of casualties, desertion, the coming of new recruits, and more rarely, births.

History Edit

Near the end of the Cataclysm of Azeroth, Mantheraku came back to Blade's Edge Mountains with Neztharion, the latter fleeing his likely doom at the hands of the forces of the Horde and the Alliance.

Following irreconcilable differences between the two dragons as a result of the Black wyrm's increasing paranoia and madness, Mantheraku eventually started to gather his own flock to lead in the broken world.

Initially, the group started when Mantheraku stumbled upon Tarius, an old "sometimes friend and occassional ally" near Storm Rock. Together the two spent the following couple of months traversing the mountainous region in search of loyal followers.

As time passed, the flock grew in numbers and eventually settled in southern Blade's Edge within the region called Storm Rock, inhabiting an abandoned set of Apexis ruins, possibly the remnants of a temple of some kind.

War on the Bloodmaul Edit

Several months after its forming, having now reached a population of nearly thirty, Mantheraku sought to wage war against the Bloodmaul clan, who had been recently intensifying their efforts against the Netherwing dragons of Blade's Edge.

Mere weeks before the war, Mantheraku came into Neztharion's lair with a small party of followers at his side, should the scene turn sour. Following the successful alliance with the Black wyrm, and the recruitment of the Wyrmcult, the war started, lasting a few months before ending inconclusively in the Siege of Bloodmaul Stronghold.

A time of peace Edit

With the war over and hostilities between the Netherwing and Bloodmaul lessened, the flock continued to inhabit Storm Rock, surviving the harsh conditions of Outland alongside the several Wyrmcult members who had been permanently stationed there by their dragon lord, Neztharion.

Legion Edit