The Wyrmcult has individuals who exceed beyond the boundries of most cultists. Perhaps the greatest example being Kruzzgil. As an elite member of the cult and Neztharions most favoured pawn, he can be seen commanding cultists on the battlefield or scolding newly pledged fanatics.

His relationship with Neztharion is strong, and established long ago in the days of the second war. Kruzzgils loyalty to the black dragonflight and skill for scheming and alchemy quickly earned his status as a close and trusted servant.

Dressed in the usual dark, rugged leather of the Wyrmcult, he would not be seen as a powerful individual if it were not for the large staff in his hand. Crafted from wood and metal with draconic etchings, and a stave head that resembles a dragon, it appears to be a powerful item. Coiled within the clutches of the dragons coil hums a fiery ball, the source of the staffs power. This enchantment derives directly from Neztharion, a portion of his dominion over fire and magma granted to Kruzzgil through this mighty weapon. Though it symbolises great strength for Kruzzgil, it also shows the trust and devotion he has proven to his master.

The magic of this staff was witnessed in the final siege against the Bloodmaul. Summoning waves of fire and blasts of magma, Kruzzgil singlehandedly defeated the two-headed ogre maguses and the rows of Bloodmaul archers.